"A Spirit of Caring" by Katerina Zakas

Katerina Zakas

Katerina Zaka was born in Psachna, Euboia,(Greece) where she remained until 1966. She studied painting at the Heidelberg College of Art, in West Berlin under Karl Rozenberg, and in Rhode Island. She has shown her work outside Greece, in two one-woman shows at the "K.u.K" Gallery in West Berlin, and in Group shows at the "F.B.K.", also in West Berlin, at the "American House" of the same city, and at Rhode Island. Her first exhibition in Greece took place in December, 1985, at the "Gallerie Zygos" with collages. Two further exhibitions at the same venue, with her paintings, took place in April 1987 and February 1989. She also tok part in the 1985-86 "Synopsis" of "Zygos" in 1993 at the Henri Gallery in Washington, DC. Her works are in various collections around the world including the famous Vorres Collection in Athens Greece.
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