"A Spirit of Caring" by Katerina Zakas

Spirit of Caring

Pastel by Katerina Zakas.
This picture was a gift from the artist while she was a patient of mine. She called it a "Spirit of Caring" and said that it was an expression of the care she had received.
.Mrs. Zakas is internationally known for her use of color and abstract shapes to express complex concepts. In this case, subtle variations in color and texture have been lost in translating the medium from pastel chalk to the video screen, but the representation is close enough to get an idea of the artist's intent.
She resisted my efforts to "see" images in the picture, and told me to experience it at a deeper level.
 Still, I cannot help but find figues and shapes in the picture. I see a madonna figure comforting an infant (or a child depending on the whim of my eyes at the moment) at the lower left part of the picture. The large turbaned and robed "figure" in the foreground seems to be bearing healing balm in a crystal decanter.
In any event, I liked the picture so much that I decided to hang it in the office as a statement and a reminder that we must always maintain a spirit of caring. Please let me know how well we do that.

George E. Smith, M.D.
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