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Please understand. This site is barely under construction. The skeleton is in place, now all it needs is some meat on the bones. I hope to add content as quickly as time permits, but it all has to be done as time permits.

Meanwhile, I would love any comments or suggestions about things you would like to see here. Just use the e-mail function to let me know.

Doctor Smith is one of the most expeienced plastic surgeons in East Tennessee. You will surely want to check out his credentials page, and the information on how to select a plastic surgeon. They will be some of the first content pages added.
In due course, we will have photographs and descriptions of surgical procedures, but that will have to wait until the patients involved have given their permission to use photos here.

A patient's right to privacy is more fundamental than a prospective patient's right to see photos. So, we have generally resisted the idea of showing patient photos to other patients, but it seems that times are changing in that respect. We have recently begun asking patients for permission to show their pictures (without divulging the patient's name or personal information.) and once we have reasonably representative photos, they will be used.

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